Experts in optimisation services for the travel industry

The Hub provides services and technology for the travel industry to help businesses become more efficient and scalable with demand.

Why The Hub?

The Hub was created to offer services and technology to companies in the tourism sector in order to help them reduce operating costs and increase production capacity.

We are made up of a multicultural team of professionals with extensive industry experience. This team is responsible for managing and constantly monitoring performance whilst generating fully customised reports.

The Hub has the best team and technology at your service!


  • Improve results to become the most competitive in market
  • Reduce costs and take advantage of available B2B resources
  • Work with a multicultural, multidisciplinary team of experts
  • Keep up to date with the latest travel technology & services

The Hub Objectives

Share knowledge

By sharing our know-how, experience and knowledge of the travel industry, we help your company to succeed

Provide resources

We provide your company with all the latest travel resources and equipment in order to grow and succeed

Optimise costs

We optimise and reduce costs in order to help your company become more competitive in the market

Adapt to client

We offer flexible, multidisciplinary and scalable teams which can adapt to your client's circumstances at all times

Prevent risk

Reducing impacts from activities and services; waste generation, resource consumption, CSR and digital footprint

Reduce Time to Market

Our technology and human resources will speed up your processes in order to meet customer requirements
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About us

The Hub offers services and technology for the tourism sector. Created by Alpitour Group to help companies become more efficient, optimise resources and grow according to demand. 

Alpitour Group is one of the largest tourism corporations in Europe and a forerunner in the Italian tourism sector. It consists of 11 Tour Operators, its own airline “NEOS” and hotel chain VOI Hotels. Alpitour manages its own DMCs and has the largest distribution channel covering more than 2,500 travel agencies. 

In order to succeed in such a demanding and competitive industry, The Hub has the best human resources and the most innovative technology applied to tourism. 

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Customer Service

Customer Service and support to manage your reservations, modifications or cancellations.

24/7 Emergency Service

Resolving in-destination incidents and urgent matters for your company and customers.

Data Loading

Assistance with system data loading such as contracts, offers, stop sales, etc.

Yield Management

We support you in managing your product and therefore increasing your profitability.

Static Content

Uploading and maintaining all static content necessary for good online distribution, descriptions, photos, etc.


We help you manage your administrative tasks, from invoice recording to collection management.

Central Purchasing Body

We offer a reduction in costs, thanks to the bargaining power of our Central Purchasing Body of office supplies, stationery and printers or computer consumables, among other items.

Airlines Service

Call Center & Service 24/7 available in Spanish and English for ticket issuance, real time quotes & follow-up, booking modifications & cancellations, lost or delayed baggage assistance & follow-up…

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford